Activegolf performance and training centre
Marcus Casey, Activegolf





Marcus Casey, Activegolf

DBC Medical Centre
1 Ashleaf Hall
Crumlin Cross
Dublin 12


Activegolf is a golf specific coaching and performance enhancing program designed to perfect the golfers game around their own physical limitations. A number of technologies are combined to measure the golfer's balance and club/ball dynamics through the swing. Balance and weight shift through the swing is measured with an underfoot pressure sensitive pad and a graphical analysis is displayed in real time on a screen.

The program concentrates on providing the most in-depth examination of the golfer's physical abilities and limitations and correlates these with golfing proficiency and tailoring a physical program and golf tuition around this data.
Activegolf training centre
The Activegolf assessment takes 60 minutes and includes physical assessment carried out by a chartered physiotherapist followed by a swing assessment carried out by Marcus Casey, Beaverstown's PGA professional.

As the equipment used by Activegolf is portable, corporate days can be organised on site. Golfer's can also choose to have clubs custom fit around their individual swings. For further information about the Activegolf centre, visit their website or call the number above.

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