About IrelandProGolf

IrelandProGolf was set up in early 2004 to allow amateur golfers and those wishing to learn about the game to source and get in touch with PGA Professionals in their area.

Equally IrelandProGolf allows those PGA professionals and assistant professionals to have their own page outlining their areas of expertise.

Why PGA professionals?

Throughout Ireland, there are a large number of golf clubs, driving ranges and golf centres where we can practice and learn the game of golf. Although a number of people are offering lessons with a variety of backgrounds and qualifications, the overwhelming majority of professionals in Ireland are PGA qualified.

That means that, in the case of the modern PGA pro, he or she at the very least has completed either a three year Foundation Degree in Golf Studies or BA Hons in Applied Golf Management Studies. In addition, the golfer must have a handicap of 4 (6 for ladies) or better before embarking on their studies.

So, in answer to the question, with the PGA, you are guaranteed highly trained and educated golf professionals. This is why exclusively PGA professionals and assistants are listed on IrelandproGolf.com

Brian Roe



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